Advantages of having a credit card

Advantages of having a credit card

September 13, 2019

There are a lot of people in the world who are the holder of a credit card. However, the debit card remains the most popular payment method. A credit card is very handy and therefore brings many benefits. It is often even possible to get a credit card completely free for the first year with various promotions. Here are the benefits of having a credit card.

Purchases are insured

Perhaps the biggest advantage of paying with a credit card is that purchases are automatically insured for 180 days to a year. Compared to other payment methods, this is of course very handy. Will you drop the laptop that you have purchased with your credit card? Then you are simply insured and the laptop will be reimbursed. That is a real advantage, especially for persons who are somewhat clumpsy. 

Delivery guarantee

Have you ever had anything that you bought online in a webshop and never received anything? That is very annoying, especially when it comes to a pricey item. If you order something with your credit card in a web store, you automatically have a delivery guarantee. Is your order not delivered or do you receive a completely different product than the one you ordered? Then the credit card company reverses the payment and you end up paying nothing. This guarantee is very nice if you regularly order in foreign web shops.

Worldwide payment convenience

You cannot pay everywhere with your debit card and changing currencies is not always convenient. A credit card stands for worldwide payment convenience, so you can pay with a credit card literally anywhere in the world. If you go abroad for a holiday or a business trip, it is therefore wise to always have a credit card with you. That way you know for sure that you will never run out of payment.

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